Terms, Policies and Procedures

All Terms, Policies, and Procedures are subject to change. Links to pages are also included as sections to these terms. Please review before purchase.

Hours of Operation 

Our business hours are: Monday – Thursday 6-9pm, Friday 6-8pm, and Saturday 11m-4pm.


You can register for dance classes online, over the phone or at the studio. We highly recommend pre-registering before classes start to save time and receive discounted prices!

Team Registration links will be sent after auditions and recommendations.

Things to Note: 

  • Every EMDC Member is required to provide a credit/debit card at the time of registration. 

  • Two (2) valid forms of payment MUST be on file at all times, and are added during registration.

  • All billing is done via email or via the dance company app.

  • For billing questions email sheila@emdancecompany.com

  • All Patrons must complete the Liability Waiver before entering the classroom 

Check In

Students who have paid should check-in on one of the iPads in the classroom. If an IPAD is not available, please check in at the front desk or with the Teaching Assistant (TA) in the class. Please DO NOT join the class before checking in and remember you will be charged for all classes attended. Thank you!



You can pay for our group classes one at a time ($15/pp per class), buy a punch pass, buy a course, or a private lesson. All costs are per person. Classes don't roll over. See pricing page for more details. Team enrollment pricing is prorated based on the number of courses you are already enrolled in and receive a specified link for purchase.



All payments for classes should be made BEFORE attending the class. In the case that you are attending more than one class in a night and one of the class(es) is unpaid, payment should be made before attending the unpaid class(es). Otherwise payment will be made with the payment methods on file during check in with your instructor or teacher assistant. Whenever possible, we recommend paying online to skip the line and to not take away from your dance time. We accept Venmo, Paypal, Visa, Discover, American Express & Mastercard (NO checks).

Expiration Date

All passes have an expiration date. Passes activate on your purchase date. Please pay attention to the expiration on your receipt and use your package within that time frame. The classes do not "roll over" into other months to ensure more consistent classes and the best possible progression of learning.

Note Expirations (subject to change): 

  • Single Class - 1 day. It is for the date and time of the class only, non transferable to any other dates or times

  • Punch Card - 90 days for full use. 

  • Courses - Weekly attendance to your course is highly suggested. Courses are during the days and times specified only.

  • Private Lesson dates and times are transferable to other dates and times for private instruction within the valid period. Unused lessons are forfeited if not used within the valid period. See Appointments section.

    • Single Private Lesson expire 30 days from purchase

    • Multi Lesson Private Lesson packages expire 90 days from purchase

  • Social Dance Events - 1 day. It is for the date and time of the social only, non transferable to any other dates or times.



  • CLASS LENGTH: All appointments are 50 minutes long, at minimum, depending on what was scheduled.

  • MONETARY APPRECIATION  FOR INSTRUCTORS: If you feel like your instructor went above and beyond! Tips are by no means required but greatly appreciated. You can bring cash, or we offer the ability to leave a tip at the front desk with a credit/debit card.

  • DANCE FLOOR: Appointments share the floor when necessary. Special accommodations can be made at student request, if possible.

  • INSTRUCTOR POLICY: Please understand that the EMDC cannot guarantee that you will have the same instructor for all of your dance classes. While we strive for consistency, however, situations often arise when a particular instructor becomes unavailable to continue to teach lessons or simply not available at the time a student desires. At EMDC all instructors follow a syllabus and we work as a team. We ensure that the instructor has all the knowledge required to provide an amazing dance experience for you.

  • INSTRUCTOR SOLICITATION: Students cannot "solicit" studio teachers for side work dancing, teaching or performing outside of the studio without going directly through the studio owner or the studio management.

  • APPT CHANGE POLICY: In the event that you need to change the day and time of a private lesson, please make sure to notify us by calling/ texting 801.784.0496 or emailing sheila@emdancecompany.com at least 24 hours before your appointment during our business hours. Please do not contact your instructor for schedule changes.

  • MONDAY APPT. Changes: Monday cancellations MUST be done 4 hours or more before your appointment. 


We love you and appreciate you, but there are no refunds on anything purchased online, over the phone, or in the studio. Please check your receipt for expiration dates.


Course Absences

Please notify the office if you will be absent from your course class via text or email and notify your instructor. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or any other infectious disease, please notify the office and your instructor immediately and follow all other local and state guidelines. Before each class, instructors briefly overview the previous class. We love dance for making friends and expanding our social network. We encourage members to contact another member of your class to go over missed technique and skills. If you are enrolled on a team, please make arrangements with your choreographer for a private lesson to make up the choreography if the concepts were not grasped from a teammate.


Health and Safety

Our primary concern is for the safety and health of our students and staff. We will continue to follow the recommended guidelines of all health administrations including local and state governments. If you are feeling sick, please be courteous and stay home. See Course Absences for more information. In the event of a recommended business closure, tuition funds will be transferred to the online platform. If there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to return to the dance studio, those will be handled on a case by case basis. Contact the office via email for information, if applicable.


Studio Cancellations and Weather

EMDC is not responsible for canceled classes or courses due to lack of enrollment or inclement weather. Prepaid classes or prepaid courses may be transferred to another class or course. Please contact the office. Also check our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updated studio information. 



EMDC invites and welcomes the community to the socials and events. Socials are held every Saturday from 9pm to 1am . See pricing and event pages for entrance costs. Also check our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updated information regarding these events and performances. Days, Times, and Pricing are subject to change.


Philanthropic Activities

EMDC loves to give back to our local, national and global communities. Please check our page for a list of our nonprofit partners if you choose to be involved personally.


Specific Policies and FAQs


Link to privacy policy privacy policy


How do I schedule a class?

To schedule a class click “sign up” according to your preferred day of the week and start date from the pricing page or from the styles page. Prepayment is required to register.


How do I schedule a private lesson?

To schedule a private lesson please book online using the calendar. Purchase is required for booking.


What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable for physical activity, in wardrobe and footwear. Semi-smooth soles to avoid sticking or slipping on the dance floor are recommended. Dance shoes are available for sale on the studio website. 


What should I expect from courses?

Unless stated otherwise, all of the courses are 8 week progressive courses, with a showcase the 10th week and showcase practice the 9th week. If you know you will miss a week or two, please let your instructor know and plan to contact a classmate or your instructor for a practice video. Full review videos will be posted each week to the studio’s Youtube Channel for course enrolled persons and snips of class will be posted on studio social media pages. Consider doing Private Lessons (link to private lesson sign up) if group classes are not preferred.


What are the prices?

Group class pricing options are per person. Costs vary. Please click on the link for pricing (link pricing page) provided.


Is a dance partner required for classes or private lessons?

No partner is required for this class, partners will rotate unless not preferred by coupled dancers, and complete beginners are always welcome to beginner classes. We do recommend switching partners and attending dance socials to improve your skills. During a private lesson you can bring a partner or your instructor will be your partner.


Completed the beginners course, now what?

Congrats on elevating your skills in dance. Keep dancing! Now you can move on to the pre-intermediate courses. However, if you are not confident in your beginner's progress, please retake the course or book private lessons( link to private lesson) to get all caught up. Your instructor can help you decide the best option for you.


How do I reschedule or cancel a class or private lesson?

In the event that you need to change the day and time of a private lesson, please make sure to notify us by calling/ texting 801.784.0496 or emailing sheila@emdancecompany.com at least 24 hours before your appointment during our business hours. Please do not contact your instructor for schedule changes. MONDAY APPT. Changes: Monday cancellations MUST be done 4 hours or more before your appointment. Please see the expiration section for the policy on missing a group class.

What about refunds?

Please review the refund section above.


Can my pass expire?

Yes, passes can expire. Please see the expiration section above.


Does it take long to get “good” at dancing?

Maybe, maybe not. Everyone has a different definition of “good.” Be sure to know what your goals are and work with your instructor to help you meet them.